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Road Number.


Total Length.




A 1 E22 E29 E31 E37 E44 E47 E422

Heiligenhafen (N) to Saarbrücken (S)

730km (450miles)

A 2 E30 E34

Berlin (E) to Oberhausen (W)

486km (302miles)

A 3 E35 E41 E42 E43 E45 E56

Netherlands near Wesel (NW) to Austrian border near Passau (SE)

778km (483miles)

A 4 E40 E314

Polish border near Görlitz (E) to Heerlen near Dutch / Belgian borders (W)

616km (383miles)

A 5 E35 E40 E451 (Bergstraßenautobahn)

Hattenbach triangle intersection with the A7 (N) to Swiss border near Basel (S)

445km (277miles)

A 6 E50

French border near Saarbrücken (W) to Czech border near Waidhaus (E)

477km (296miles)

A 7 E43 E45 E532

Danish border (N) to Austrian border (S)

963km (598miles)

A 8 E29 E52

Luxembourg A13 motorway (W) to Austrian West Autobahn near Salzburg (E)

497km (309miles)

A 9 E45 E51

Munich (S) to Berlin (N)

529km (329miles)

Road Number.


Total Length.




A 10 (Berliner Ring) E30 E55

Berlin Ring-Road

196km (122miles)

A 11 E28

Berlin (S) to Szczecin (N)

112km (70miles)

A 12 E30

Berlin (W) to Polish border (E)

58km (36miles)

A 13 E55

Berlin (N) to Dresden (S)

196km (122miles)

A 14 E49

Wismar-Ost to Nossen-Ost (parts still under construction)

262km (163miles)

A 15 E36

Breslau to Berlin

64km (40miles)

A 17 E55

Dresden (N) to Czech border (S)

44.75km (27.81miles)

A 19 E55

Baltic port of Rostock (N) to A 24 near Berlin (S) – includes the Warnow Tunnel (790metres in length and is Germanys first toll-road)

124km (77miles)

A 20 E22 E251

 (parts still under construction)

323km (201miles)

A 21

A 1 at Bargteheide to Wankendorf

41km (25miles)

A 22 E22

Groningen to Dreieck Westerstede and Dreieck Stotel to Bremerhaven-Süd (incomplete route)

120km (72miles)

A 23

runs largely parallel to the Bundesstraße 5

87km (54miles)

A 24 E26 E55

Hamburg (E) to Berlin (W) - there is a 150 km (93 mi) long section that has no speed limit at all

237km (147miles)

A 25

SW Hamburg to Geesthacht

14km (9miles)

A 26

(parts still under construction)

50km (30miles)

A 27 E234

Walsrode to Cuxhaven

162km (101miles)

A 28 E22

Leer to Delmenhorst

92km (57miles)

A 29

Wilhelmshaven to Oldenburg

93km (58miles)

A 30 E30

Dutch border (W) to Bad Oeynhausen (E)

129km (80miles)

A 31 E22 (East Frisian Skewer)

North Sea near Emden to Ruhr area


A 33

A 30 (N) to A 44 (S)

81km (50miles)

A 37 (Messeschnellweg)

Hanover area - in 2 parts, linked by the B 3 (the whole system is known as the Messeschnellweg (fairground expressway)

11km (7miles)

A 38

A 7 near Göttingen (W) to Leipzig (E)

208km (129miles)

A 39

Salzgitter to Wolfsburg (parts still under construction)

57km (35miles)

A 40 E34 Ruhrschleichweg (Ruhr Crawling Way)

Dutch border to A 44 near Holzwickede - According to Der Spiegel, it is the most congested motorway in Germany

94km (58miles)

A 42 (Emscherschnellweg)

Kamp-Lintfort to Castrop-Rauxel via Dortmund, Duisburg, the North of Essen and Gelsenkirchen

58km (36miles)

A 43

Münster to Wuppertal via Recklinghausen

95km (59miles)

A 44 E40 E331

Aachen to near Kassel – not a continuous stretch of road

266km (165miles)

A 45 E40 E41 (Sauerlandlinie)

Dortmund (W) to Aschaffenburg (SW)

257km (160miles)

A 46 E31

Heinsberg to Bestwig – not a continuous stretch of road

133km (83miles)

A 48 E44

A 1 Vulkaneifel to A 3 and A 61 near Koblenz

79km (49miles)

A 49

Kassel to Neuental

45km (28miles)

A 52

Dutch border near Viersen to Marl-Nord – not a continuous stretch of road

84km (52miles)

A 57 E31 (Trans-Niederrhein-Magistrale)

Dutch border near Koch to Köln

128km (80miles)

A 59

Dinslaken to Bonn – not a continuous stretch of road

74km (46miles)

A 60 E42 E29

Belgian border to Rüsselsheimer Dreieck – not a continuous stretch of road

83km (52miles)

A 61 E31 E42

Dutch border near Venlo (NW) to Hockenheim (SE)

331km (206miles)

A 62

A 1, Nonnweiler to Pirmasens

79km (49miles)

A 63

Mainz-Süd to Kaiserslautern

73km (45miles)

A 64 E44

Luxembourg border to Trier

14km (9miles)

A 65

Wörth to Ludwigshafen-Süd

60km (40miles)

A 66

Fulda to Walluf

121km (75miles)

A 67 E35 E451

A 3, Mönchhof-Dreieck to A 6, Viernheimer Dreieck

58km (36miles)

A 70 E48 E51

A 7, Schweinfurt to A 9, Bayreuth / Kulmbach

120km (70miles)

A 71

A 38, Südharz to A 70, Dreieck Werntal

226km (140miles)

A 72 E441

A 9, Bayerisches Vogtland to A 38, Leipzig-Süd

170km (110miles)

A 73

A 71, Suhl to A 9, Nuremberg

170km (110miles)

A 81 E41 E52 E54

A 3, Würzburg-West to Swiss border

283km (176miles)

A 92 E53

Munich to Deggendorf

134km (83miles)

A 93 E45 E50 E60

A 8, near Austrian border to A 9, Holledau – in 2 parts

276km (171miles)

A 94 E552

Munich to Forstinning and Ampfing to Burghausen – with a gap inbetween

54km (34miles)

A 95 E533

Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen - there is no speed limit over large parts of the A 95

67.116 km (41.704 miles)

A 96 E43 E54

Austrian border near Lindau to Munich

147km (91miles)

A 98 E41 E54

Weil to Überlingen in 3 short sections

29km (18miles)

A 99 E45 E52 E54

an incontinuous ring-road around Munich

53.5km (33.2miles)

Road Number.


Total Length.




A 100

encloses the city centre of Berlin (Berliner Stadtring)

21km (13miles)

A 103

connected to the A 100 in Berlin

5km (3miles)

A 111 E26

connects the Berliner Stadtring (A 100) with the Berliner Ring (A 10)

17km (11miles)

A 113 E36

connects Neukölln (from the A 100) to Schönefeld (ends to the A 10)

19.1km (11.9miles)

A 114

connects the A 10 (Berliner Ring) to the main centre of Berlin

7km (4miles)

A 115 E51

connects the Berliner Stadtring to the Berliner Ring

28km (17miles)

A 117 E36

Treptow, Berlin to A 113, Waltersdorfer Dreieck

4.8km (3miles)

A 143

Bennstedt, Saalekreis to Bad Lauchstädt, Saalekreis

9km (6miles)

A 210

Kiel to Rendsburg

27km (17miles)

A 215

Kiel to Hamburg via A 7

17km (11miles)

A 226

is a short branch of the A 1 north of Lübeck


A 250

Hamburg to Lüneburg

28km (17miles)

A 252

Hamburg - Hafenquerspange (port link road)

1.5km (0.9miles)

A 253

Hamburg - A 252 to B 75

4km (2miles)

A 255

Hamburg - A 1 to B 75 and B 4

2km (1mile)

A 261

Hamburg – A 7 to A 1

7km (4miles)

A 270

Farge, Bremen to Ritterhude, Osterholz - 80 km/h (50 mph) speed limit over the entire route

10.5km (6.5miles)

A 280 E22

A 31 to Dutch border

4km (2miles)

A 281

Bremen-Industriehäfen to Bremen-Airportstadt

4km (2miles)

A 293

Oldenburg - connects the A 29 to A 28

7km (4miles)

A 352

Hannover – connects A 7 to A 2

18km (11miles)

A 391 (Braunschweiger Westtangente)

Braunschweig – connects B 4 to A 39

10km (6miles)

A 392


3km (2miles)

A 395

Melverode to Vienenburg

35.5km (22.1miles)

A 445

Werl to A 46, Arnsberg

13km (8miles)

A 480 E40

Gießen to Wetzlar

17km (11miles)

A 485

Gießen (N) to Langgöns (S)

20km (10miles)

A 516

Sterkrade (N) to Oberhausen (S) – it branches off the A 3 towards the center of Oberhausen - the speed limit for the entirety of the A 516 is 100 km/h during the day & 80km/h between 22:00 & 06:00

5km (3miles)

A 524

Huckingen (W) to Breitscheid (E)

6km (4miles)

A 535

Velbert (N) to Sonnborn (S)

13.5km (8.4miles)

A 540

Jüchen to Grevenbroich - there is no speed limit

7km (4miles)

A 542

Monheim-Süd to Langenfeld

5km (3miles)

A 544

a spur from the A 4 into Aachen

4km (2miles)

A 553

Brühl to A 1 / A 61 junction, Bliesheim

13km (8miles)

A 555

Verteilerkreis Köln to Verteilerkreis Bonn

18km (11miles)

A 559

Köln-Deutz to A 59, Köln-Porz

4.2km (2.6miles)

A 560

Sankt Augustin (W) to Hennef (Sieg) (E)

13.2km (8.2miles)

A 562

Bonn – Friesdorf / Dottendorf to Anschlussstelle

3km (2miles)

A 565

Sankt Augustin (N) to Gelsdorf (S)

26km (16miles)

A 571

Ehlingen (N) to Sinzig (S)

2.4km (1.5miles)

A 573

A 61, Bad Neuenahr to a provisional connection

3km (2miles)

A 602 E44

A 1, Moseltal to B 49, Trier-Verteilerkreis

10.5km (6.5miles)

A 620 E29

Saarlouis to Saarbrücken

31km (19miles)

A 623

Friedrichsthal (N) to Saarbrücken (S)

11.9km (7.4miles)

A 643

Wiesbaden to Mainz

8.4km (5.2miles)

A 648

Frankfurt am Main to the Alleenring

6km (4miles)

A 650

Bad Dürkheim-Bruch to Ludwigshafen

12km (7miles)

A 656

Mannheim-Neckarau to Heidelberg - the speed limit is 120 km/h (75 mph)

7.2km (4.5miles)

A 659

Viernheim (W) to Weinheim (E)

6km (4miles)

A 661 (Taunusschnellweg)

Oberusel to Egelsbach

40km (20miles)

A 671

B 263, Wiesbaden Mainzer Straße to A 60, Mainspitze-Dreieck

11.5km (7.1miles)

A 672

A 67 & A 5 with Darmstadt

3km (2miles)

A 831 E41

Vaihingen auf den Fildern (N) to NE of Sindelfingen (S)

2.3km (1.4miles)

A 861

Hochrhein to Swiss border at Rheinfelden

4.3km (2.7miles)

A 864 E531

Donaueschingen to Bad Dürrheim

6km (4miles)

A 952

Starnberg to the Autobahndreieck Starnberg exchange

5km (3miles)

A 980

runs through the Allgäu

5km (3miles)

A 995 E54

Southern Munich to the A 8 & A 99

11km (7miles)